Bowling & Gluten Free Restaurant

by Meg on January 2, 2010

Dave and I met our friends at Kings, a bowling alley downtown today for some non-snow filled fun. Dave was racking up the strikes, while I have yet to get over 100 EVER!! It was fun to be with our friends, and to get out of the snow for the afternoon.

We then headed to The Other Side, for a gluten free meal. Yes, The Other Side Cafe has a large selection of gluten free, wheat free, raw, and vegan delights. It is so nice to go into a restaurant, and there to be an actual gluten free menu. The waiter was really nice, and told me I should try their peanut lettuce wraps(gluten free, vegan and raw), which came with Braggs(gluten free soy sauce tasting amino acids), for dipping. They came to the table already stuffed into three what looked like romaine like lettuce leaves. I thought, perhaps, I was still going to be hungry after eating these lettuce wraps. But, alas I couldn’t even finish the three. The peanut mixture was thick and had a good thai flavor, but could have used more herbs to counteract the peanut flavor. Everyone else got sandwiches, that looked amazing. The Other Side, has a great vibe and was really nice to just sit and chat at after our meal.

The Other Side Cafe
407 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02115

Dave and I then took a nice long walk from Central Square home. It was nice to have a walk through the snow and be together. We today, came to a decision with the adoption agency, our dog trainer, and behaviorist vet to find our Lola a new home. It has been a hard decision, and has made both of us really sad, but we know that finding her a new home is the best decision we can to give her a long and healthy life. Next Saturday, she will be starting her next great adventure.

Our Lola

Our good friend, Autumn, came over and took this picture of Lola and me :)

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