Our House Guest(Pistachio bark recipe)

by Meg on January 29, 2010

I came home today from the gym today to find this little guy at my house:

TROT also known as ‘TROT MAN’ at our house!!!

My cousin and his wife are heading out of town of the week, and asked Dave and I if we would mind taking care of their little man. Of course, we said yes, since we both feel like empty nester’s without our Lola. All I can say is it’s nice to have a dog snuggling next to me on the couch again. :)

I made this pistachio bark today because I’ve been craving chocolate

1/2 package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup of pistachio nuts
wax paper
cookie sheet or pan for drying

Cover cookie sheet with wax paper. Melt chocolate in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Make sure to stir the chocolate after one minute and check on the chocolate every minute(watch out the dish becomes hot!). Keep cooking until the chocolate is melted entirely then add the nuts. Mix together and spread on wax paper to dry. After the bark has dried, break it into pieces. Enjoy!

Food Diary from yesterday:

Afternoon Snack:
1/2 avocado mixed with salas and 12 corn tortilla chips

1 1/2 pieces of sunflower encrusted chicken(baked!)
1 cup of kamut pasta homemade mac & cheese
salad( mixed greens with red pepper, carrots, cukes, and bean sprouts)
1/4 to 1/2 cup of dark chocolate m&ms( way too many- ugh!)


20 minutes on the elliptical
20 minutes circuit training

1/2 cup of a coffee
8:45am two small pieces of brown rice and millet bread with 1 tbsp. of sunflower butter & low sugar blueberry jam
11am 3/4 cup of turkey chili with 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese
2pm 1 cup of butternut squash soup(homemade)
3:30pm – 1x piece of pistachio bark(I had to try it!)

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Matt April 2, 2010 at 11:08 am

I love pistachios, but I don't cook with them enough. This recipe looks really good. Thanks for sharing it on FaveDiets.

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