Two Restaurants/Two Different Neighborhoods

by Meg on January 31, 2010

It’s been a busy weekend- with spinning, two dinners out, and -11 degree weather without snow!

Friday night we went out to Allston’s Sunset Grill & Tap for dinner. Dave was in ‘boy heaven’ with hundreds, yes HUNDREDS of beers on tap. They even had my favorite cider(gluten free)made locally by Harpoon Brewery. It has pleasant mild sweet flavor, better than other cider’s that are just too sweet.

We got the three chili sampler as an appetizer, which I thought would warm us up on a very cold night. The table loved it, as we turned it more into dip with tortilla chips! I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps for dinner, thinking this would be a safe bet with no gluten and much healthier than the salads on the menu. It came with a HUGE pile of shredded carrots, some black bean salsa, regular salsa and the biggest pieces of romaine lettuce I have ever seen. I had about two and was stuffed, since I had had some tortilla chips and chili along with a couple of Dave’s Cajun fries :). We ended up using the leftovers from the wraps to make chicken nachos for lunch on Saturday with cheddar and salsa.

The lettuce from the wraps

The chicken/salsa/carrots

Last night, we headed to my cousin Tyler’s new apartment in the North End.

The window in the kitchen

His Christmas tree…yep it’s almost February…I loved it!!

It’s a great place, which I got to ‘bond’ with since as soon as we walked in Ty dragged Dave out the door and left me while they went to go the pizza’s for dinner.

I started looking through his cookbooks including this one…

The boys were taking awhile and by this time it was 8- and I was hungry so I got up a red pepper that I had found in the fridge and dipped it into herbed goat cheese, and set out some crackers out for the boys!

The boys had gone to two places for pizza Nebo, a place I had found online that said they had gluten free, and Pizzeria Regina(the token North End pizza place). Nebo’s pizza was good, but mostly importantly the sauce on the pizza was amazing!!

Nebo box

Nebo’s gluten free pizza(I had three pieces…they were pretty small… :)

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