Friday Workout

by Meg on February 12, 2010

Dave and I signed up for a 5k road race with our friends- Ras na Heirann U.S.A in Davis Square. I’ve got one month to get in ‘running’ shape, and there is only way to do it… by running. So this morning, in between clients, I got in ran 2 miles. I also lifted upper body.

My workout:
- shoulder press – 12x
- pushups- 12x
- lat pulldown- 12x
- tricep pulldown- 12x
- reverse fly -12x
- biceps curls- 12x
- chest press on a ball- 12x
- bicycle crunches – 20x
- ball crunch regular and side- 15x each

My plan is to run atleast two if not not three days a week until the race, and use the foam roller after each run!

We’ll see how I do…

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