Kickass Cupcakes(gluten free heaven)

by Meg on February 3, 2010

Dave got his bonus today and he asked for two things to celebrate: beer(as usual) and a Kickass Cupcake! My brain and rear end said no, yet Dave was saying yes. Actually his exact words “it wouldn’t be a celebration if he ate one alone”- what a cupcake pusher!!!

There is only ONE place to go in the area for the best cupcakes- Kickass. Their cupcakes are fresh, creamy, and delicious. She carries two to three cupcakes everyday that are gluten free(vanilla with vanilla frosting, vanilla with chocolate frosting, and mojito)and then many other flavors of ‘regular’ cupcakes. They are all amazing- but I’m usually in the mood for the plain plain Jane – vanilla on vanilla(on the left).

Dave got: Mochiatto – chocolate cupcake, caramel center and mocha frosting topped with chocolate covered espresso beans(on the right). Note: He ate it in TWO bites!!

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Elizabeth Jarrard March 28, 2010 at 5:41 pm

I just adore Kickass-they are even more kickass for their Vegan and GF Flavors! and their cocktail inspired cupcakes-does it really get any better??
Great meeting you this friday Meg!

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