Monday Workout

by Meg on February 8, 2010

I had a couple of personal training clients this morning, but snuck in a great circuit workout for myself. I already can feel my quads(front leg muscles) are going to be sore tomorrow. Yippee!!

My workout today:

2 minutes jump rope
Squats on the riser(see picture above)- 12x each side
Static lunges(front foot on the bench)- 12x each side
Pushups on the smith machine- 15x
Static lunges(back foot on the bench)- 12x each side
Dips off a bench- 15x
Platform jumps-10x
Lat pulldown- 12x
Squats- 15x
Biceps curls- 12x
Tricep rope pulldown- 12x

I did this twice minus the jump rope!

Ab circuit
bicycle crunches- 20x(alternating sides)
elbows to knees crunches- 15x
reverse crunch- 15x
butt buster with a band(ONCE with a BLUE BAND- YIKES!!)

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Meg February 9, 2010 at 10:36 am

My legs are killing me today!!

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