Saturday in the Berkshires

by Meg on February 14, 2010

We just got back from a wonderful trip to the Berkshires. I took some great pictures and our adventures, including two great breakfast meals at The Southfield Store

My GLUTEN free breakfast- scrambled eggs with cheddar, tomato slices & Sami’s Millet and Flax bread

Dave’s fantastic looking breakfast sandwich…

We went to the Barrington Brewery for a late lunch to give us energy for night snow tubing! :)

Dave’s Pale Ale & my gluten free Cider Jack

Our friends Ali and Jay hanging out at the bar…

I had a bowl of chili- that was was nice and warm. While, Dave got a burger that looked delicious. Dave was in heaven- o’ how this guy loves his beer. I got him a Barrington Brewery sweatshirt and two pint glasses(we buy a glass at each brewery we go to).

We then did some early evening night tubing at Butternut tubing. It was awesome and only $18 for two hours. Yes, it was cold but we all had major layers on including me who wore my down jacket and then an outer wind layer. Note: the snow monster look in the pictures below … :)

The tubing runs…

The hill that we walked up everytime(GREAT exercise)!!!

Right before Ali and I raced down…

Ali and I mid race…I lost… :(

Jay, Ali and Dave on the way up the hill…

Ali and I at the top of the hill(note: the matching gloves)…

Dave and I at the top…how cute are we :)

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