Garden at the Cellar…Gathering

by Meg on March 28, 2010

Our last meal together- Mom, Sarah, Justin(Sarah’s boyfriend), Dave and I and BOY did we picked a WINNER! Garden at the Cellar has an wonderful atmosphere and the best menu and meals we’ve all had in awhile.

The menu

Our appetizers- hummus and pita

rosemary/truffle fries & tater tots(I know not very healthy…)

Mum’s Short rib, quinoa and roasted brussel sprouts…

Sarah’s duck and fig flatbread

Justin’s tomato soup and grilled cheese

Dave’s marg pizza

My ‘skillet’ salad(pear, bleu cheese, walnuts, and greens with a cup of poached chicken) *** Gluten Free ***

Great meal, amazing family, fantastic laughs and smiles…

Garden at the Cellar
991 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

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