MDA Conference +/ Jamie Oliver Show -

by Meg on March 26, 2010

My friend Elise and I in Norwood at 6:30am this morning setting up for the MDA Conference. Crazy, right? I had a great time meeting other students from surrounding schools in Boston, RD’s all across the state, and listening to amazingly brilliant speakers, and am SO glad I went!

Some of the vendors today included:
ChobaniCabot cheese
Bob’s Red Mills who brought ONLY gluten free products :)

My trial Chobani yogurt

You know you’re at a nutrition conference when you can get a gluten free meal(grilled chicken, mashers and veggies).

The ladies at my table got the fish. They were all bummed that is was breaded :(

So, after this amazing day hearing what all the newest research is on the obesity epidemic, pregnancy, allergies, detox diet I felt pumped to spread the world, and felt like I can’t wait to become an RD.

Then, I decided to sit down and watch tv for the first time really ALL week. SADLY, Jamie Oliver’s new show on Hunington, West Virgina was on. It is a REAL reality check so PLEASE check our the first episode. I want to know what you all think…we NEED to do SOMETHING about this!!! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

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