Rainy Tuesday

by Meg on March 23, 2010

Another day another rain storm- filled with class, a fantastic puppy, and some great homemade meals.

My food for the day:
two pieces of toast with one egg and two egg whites with parsley
Tuna with diced tomatoes, white beans, carrots, parsley, and cukes
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Pea and Mint Soup(from yesterday)
Tofu Stirfry(tofu, sweet potato, zucchini, onions, peas, carrots, and brown rice)
3x dark chocolate Hershey kisses

Tofu stirfry

Tonight for my nutrition epi class we to the The Nurses’ Health Study facility.

Their website explains:
[The Nurses Health Study] Started in 1976 and expanded in 1989, the information provided by the 238,000 dedicated nurse-participants[in Nurses I and Nurses II studies] has led to many new insights on health and disease. While the prevention of cancer is still a primary focus, the study has also produced landmark data on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other conditions. Most importantly, these studies have shown that diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors can powerfully promote better health.

Pretty amazing…

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