Sunny Monday(Reviews for Wagamama & B.Good)

by Meg on June 21, 2010

To do list:
complete presentation for class
volunteer at the hospital
MDA Membership Committee meeting
listen to Glee music(because it makes me smile)
train clients

I got everything done today! Woo hoo!

I even purchased my first wedding magazine! I am definitely my mother’s daughter getting Martha Stewart Wedding- as my first one! :) Happy early birthday mama- I am turning into you!

This evening I went to Harvard Square for my MDA(Mass Dietetic Assoc.)committee meeting. We met at Wagamama. I had never been there so I scouted it out online and checked for gluten free options before! I had their chicken coconut soup with rice noodles and vegetables. It was delicious, and the manager brought it over to me and confirmed ‘gluten free!’ How great is that!?!

I was in the mood for something a little sweet so I walked over to get a milkshake at b.good for Dave and I to share. :)

When I walked in I saw this sign ‘gluten free buns!’ Right on- B.good! I like this restaurant because they give the calories, fat, etc on their menus for patrons to see, and they have baked sweet potato fries! :)

Our milkshake :)

I’m off to go over my presentation with Dave once before bed!

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