A great meal on a Friday night…

by Meg on July 24, 2010

Major celebrations all around last night. Dave had some BIG news at work yesterday, and ‘shadow beast,’ my car, is not broken! Woo hoo!

We started the weekend celebrations at Beccah and Bryan’s house.

On the menu:
grilled boneless skinless chicken( buffalo and mystery gf marinade)
red quinoa salad(corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, lime, and raspberry vinaigrette)
baby spinach salad with fresh from the farm beets and lemon cukes
grilled polenta cakes with farm fresh pesto, mozz, tomatoes and basil
Gluten Free S’more cake

My plate

A display of polenta cakes, chicken, and red quinoa deliciousness ;)

S’more cake

Luna met a new friend last night, Charlotte. They played for HOURS, and at the end of the night were lovin’ on each other…

I’m off to Friendly Toast to meet up with a friend from high school for breakfast!

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