City Feed and Supply

by Meg on August 11, 2010

I met my friend Nyssa for lunch today at City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Pond. It’s a amazing neighborhood grocery/café/deli supplying mostly local foods, and many gluten free options.

They even have sign up telling you which days certain farm’s drop off their products. How cool is that?!?

Their menu is filled with many yummy sounding sandwiches. But MOST importantly they carry gluten free BREAD.

I got their chipotle sweet potato soup(thickened with rice starch) and half a tuna sandwich on delicious gluten free bread for $6.99. I chased it down with their black tea iced tea.

I will definitely be heading to City Feed and Supply again soon!

After lunch we walked around JP and stopped at Polka Dog Bakery for some treats for Luna- Treatza Pizza’s and Chicken Fung Pug! She loves them.

We also made a quick stop atJ.P. Lick’s for a little treat. I got a small YoTango, and Nys got their low-fat oatmeal cookie yogurt.

A great day in JP!

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