A bug

by Meg on September 23, 2010

All week, I have been feeling a little low on the mo-jo, and this morning it officially hit me ‘I’m sick!’ What a big bums! I mean come on, I eat healthy, I have slept 7 and half hours every night, and worked out. It doesn’t matter, the little buggers have taken over my body!

So, I’m home drinking tea, and making myself some Feel Better soup. I’m giving myself one full day at home to get better.

You know, perhaps it was last night that did me in, all that laughing. Sarah and I went to Dedham to see our grandmother who was staying with our aunt and uncle pre-trip to Scotland. Yes, my almost 88 year grandmother is going on another grand adventure! It’s pretty amazing.

We had a wonderful time with the ‘fam’ and as per usual a wonderful meal.


My dear grandmother carried these on the plane to Boston. They were wilted when she arrived, and perked right upon arrival.

Gran’s famous coleslaw with red cabbage and tomatoes with red onions and greens

My plate… another sideways pictures(LOVE my camera-argh!)

I brought peanut butter cookies for dessert.

My cousin Stew before knowing that the cookies with gluten free…

AFTER hearing that they were gluten free…

As you can see, they make fun of the gluten free ‘thing’ regularly ;)

Off to drink tea…

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