Flatbread and veggies

by Meg on September 25, 2010

After a full day of being at home sick, I am definitely feeling better! Though my voice is coming in and out! Bummer!

It didn’t matter though, because my sweetie came home! Woo hoo! Dave had been gone all week in Indiana and came home late Thursday night.

So we decided to celebrate by having a ‘date night’ with our BuywithMe coupons to Flatbread in Davis Square. I know, we are so wild and crazy! Ha!

I think he’s happy to be home…what do you think?

We both got their wonderful green salads. They are huge and perfectly dressed with a sweet savory dressing.

Then, we both got our own pizzas. I had the Mopsy, made gluten free, and Dave had the garlic and herb! As always, their pizzas have great flavor and are covered with fresh local ingredients!

Then this morning we took Luna to the Union Square Farmer’s market to pick up some produce for the week. My produce this week came from: Parker Farm, Drumlin Farm, and Nicewicz Farm.

I purchased:

2x eggplants
1x brunch of basil
1x acorn squash
2x red bell peppers
2x ears of corn
1 quart of plum tomatoes
3.5 lbs of canning tomatoes
= $19

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