Labor Day Weekend on the Cape…

by Meg on September 5, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend in Eastham.

Saturday, after breakfast, we all went to the Orleans Farmer’s Market to collect some delicious treats for our day.

Aren’t these flowers beautiful?

Redberry Farm has wonderful tomatoes.

We then came home and had lunch. Leftover chicken salad, mango bean salad, fresh salad greens and tomatoes from the market- what a perfect combination!

We then went shellfishing at Elise and Stefan’s beach during low tide. It was awesome to be able to dig for your own food in the sand. Dave and I walked along the sandbars for hours.

After our adventures in the sand, we headed down to Chatham to
Chatham Fish and Lobster for dinner. They are known for their gluten free- corn flour fried- delectables.

The fried part of the menu

I had the fried haddock. When can a gluten freer ever order fried ANYTHING without being worried about gluten being mixed in!

The fish was crispy, and had a great flavor! I didn’t like the ‘normal’ fries or the onion rings that came with it very much though, but they were gluten free!

We also ordered the sweet potato fries, they were delicious!

To end our evening, we went to Nauset Light Beach for a fire on the beach. We made s’mores, and hung around the campfire. I had dark chocolate with a marshmallow in between instead.

Our fire…

Then, this morning, we went to the Truro Ag Fair.

The largest pumpkin on the lower cape!

One of the farmer’s fares…

We had a wonderful weekend on the Lower Cape. Thank you E & S!

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