What a Weekend

by Meg on September 26, 2010

After the farmer’s market on Saturday, I picked my sister up and we headed to our cousin’s wedding shower.

It was a beautiful affair…

We started with wonderful punch and tea sandwiches

& ended with treats, coffee and fruit- with some presents for Biz in between ;)

Dave and I then headed over to JP to Nyssa & Ben’s house. One of my college friends, Joanna, was in town for the weekend so we were all going out to celebrate!

I brought a little wedding ‘trial’ to have before dinner ;) Nyssa had very sweetly put of some gluten free appetizers: carrots and Mary’s Gone crackers with edamame hummus from Trader Joe’s. Delicious!

Nyssa and I then tried for good picture together…I still think we need to keep working at it …

We had a fantastic dinner at Bella Luna. I had forgotten to do my research about this one though, and didn’t check online to see if they had a gluten free menu. So I quietly asked the waitress, guessing I was out of luck other than salads! Boy was I wrong! She said, ‘didn’t you KNOW that JP has a LARGE amount of people who are gluten free.’ No, I did NOT… Anyway, they make their own gluten free crust for their amazing pizzas! So, of course, I had to try one!

I started with some greens since I hadn’t had much to eat in the way of green for the day!

Then, I ordered their Latin Quarter: avocado, chicken, bacon, jalapenos and cheese. Their crust was delicious and a much sweeter flakier pizza crust than I am use to. I liked it though, and had tons of leftovers :) A small is a perfect size for two people for sure! ;)

Today, has been a blur. There was homework, an incident with Luna, and my first time making red sauce from scratch! Phew!

The day started with me placing about 20 tomatoes(from Drumlin Farms) in hot water and then quickly into cool water to peel the skin off.

From there, there was de-seeding and de-pulping, chopping, and pureeing, cooking and stirring, waiting and tasting, and more ;)

I decided to use the sauce to make ‘eggplant’ parm of sorts and regular meat sauce with Yankee buffalo meat.

My first layer of eggplant…

This one ALMOST tasted like Aunt Jane’s. I had sauteed the eggplant in olive oil first, and then sprinkled the breadcrumbs(pulsed gf toast, parsley, and romano cheese) on top and added a small amount of red sauce( like one tablespoon) on top of each eggplant slice. Then, baked the two layers of eggplant for 30 minutes.

Oh… it was so good.

We also tried a new pasta tonight: Orgran Buckwheat spirals

It was good, but I think too hearty for a simple pasta dish. I would use it again for a peanut pasta dish or hearty winter soup.

My dinner plate: buffalo ‘red’ sauce with buckwheat noodles and broccili, and eggplant parm.

After finishing some homework, I got on the spin bike for 40 minutes this evening and then did some weights. A great end to a busy weekend ;)

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