Busy Afternoon

by Meg on January 21, 2011

I started to feel better mid-morning just in time. My friend Nyssa was coming over for lunch and a walk to A.Quinn to see Paula- the BEST hairdresser ever!! To fuel us for our walk I decided to whip up Thai mini meatloafs with rice noodles sauteed with cashews, red peppers, and scallions garnished with cilantro.

When we came home I had TWO yes TWO packages at my doorstep! A huge box from Bob’ s Red Mill and Lilly from Rue La La.

Then, I made a new dip: cannellini beans with roasted cashews, red peppers, garlic and parsley! It was delicious- I’ll post it soon!

On to another walk in the snow with Luna b. and some thesis work. Then, POOF it was 5:00 and Dave was on his way home. We made arepas stuffed with leftover chili, cilantro and Cabot and parsnip fries for dinner.

Other than feeling sick this morning, I would say this was a GREAT day with some delicious food!! :)

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