A Night in Portsmouth

by Meg on February 12, 2011

This afternoon we drove up to Portsmouth for our friend Anastasia’s birthday party at Portsmouth Brewery. Do you see how happy Dave is to be here!!!


Not only was the company fantastic but the gluten free love from Portsmouth Brewery was amazing! I mentioned to the waitress that I was gluten free and she instantly came over with a menu!

I was so excited that a BREWERY had a gluten free menu my hands were shaking!!


We started with their chili-brittle which was so delicious- we had everyone at the table try a sliver!

For dinner Dave got their fish and chips, which he said were the best F&C he’s had in awhile, while I had the Smoked Tofu with Rice Noodles.

Our waitress mentioned to me that it was usually cooked with soy sauce, and would I prefer instead.  So, together, the waitress, head chef and I decided that ginger, cilantro and sesame oil would work. The chef did such a nice job- it had great flavor, was filled with fresh veggies(not over cooked butt still crunchy), and the tofu was firm and not too squishy! I was really impressed!


Anastasia’s sweetie, Chris and her mum brought this cake in from Hanover, NH. It wasn’t gluten free, but sure looked delicious! Dave WOOFED his piece down!


Before heading over to the brewery, this afternoon, we had stopped by Dave’s parents house. They had gone to the Seacoast Winter Farmer’s Market mid-day and found not only my favorite local gf bread company, Abigail’s, but a new gluten free NH baker, Buzz’s.


Not only did they get me these DELICIOUS Valentine’s shaped cookies from Buzz for me, but they also picked up four different Abigail’s brown rice and millet products! Woo hoo! I didn’t even know they had baguettes!?!

I am so excited to try the baguette tomorrow morning… perhaps I’ll make garlic bread for breakfast! Ha! They also picked up a bag of their rolls, perfect for egg sandwiches in the morning, and a pizza crust, which I’ve never tried! 


Thank you Dave & Coleen for the treaties and Chris & Anastasia for a wonderful evening!

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