A little Luna love

by Meg on February 17, 2011


I forgot to take pictures of my food today… between going to the gym this morning,  working at the hospital ,and coming home to try and get out in the 50+ degree … it just didn’t happen.

But what I did do was take some silly little videos of Luna! Smile 

Anyone who has a dog KNOWS there is NOTHING better than a dog wagging little butt when you come through the door …


Luna’s favorite game is when we ‘chuck’ her toys down the hallway.

But, I usually make her ‘work’ for it before I throw anything…

Note: Luna’s disappearing act AFTER I throw her toy… sneaky little girl…

What I ate today:

Breakfast: banana, coffee, leftover butternut squash bake

Lunch: leftover turkey/chickpea burger with parsnip/sweet potato fries & half a cup lentil soup(too salty!)

2 cups of green tea(while I was at the hospital)

Dinner: chicken chili(Oh how I love when I have quarts of stoups/stews/chili’s in the freezer).



I promise back to pictures tomorrow Smile

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