Packing in the Rain

by Meg on February 28, 2011

Sarah needed help moving today so off in the rain and ice I went! Winking smile 

The view from Sarah’s old place. Can you guess where she lived?


She was SUPER chipper when I got there- It must have been the burly Russian movers!!


When we finally got to new place 1 1/2 hours(4 blocks) later- we found her new beautifully decorated brownstone apartment!


Her new kitchen-Sarah’s new mini food processor will fit in perfectly! Smile 


Her new view… the Charles River!! 


We then went on a search for Comcast which took WAY too long and by the time we finally found it we were both so starving it didn’t matter!  So off to the Whole Foods salad bar we went!


I tried to make my salad as colorful as I could, but alas many of the whole grains salads were not gluten free!P2282460

Sarah went for chicken, olives and veggies with no dressing. I don’t know how she does that!


After a wonderful morning with my sister I came home and took Luna for a walk. We’re trying to get her a tired as possible before we leave for  PA on Friday!

Then, it was time to make dinner- 96% lean burgers with Cabot cheddar, baked parsnip & sweet potato fries, and homemade lowfat creamed spinach with peas & carrots.  I’m going to try out the creamed veggies recipe one more time before posting it! Dave hoovered his portion, which is always a good sign!





Someone was dying for a morsel of our dinner…P2282475

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Nyssa March 2, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Pass on the creamed veggies recipe! It looks so good!!! Be as specific as possible ;)

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