A Green Day

by Meg on March 17, 2011

This morning I went to the  Movement Center of Boston for a TRX class with Bec.  The gym being closed this week has really opened my eyes to some great new workouts!!

trxgroup_training-300x241_181115758_stdTRX photos

TRX suspension training uses a pair of of nylon straps to train your body through body and gravity resistance. It’s pretty cool- I did planks and pushups with my feet in the straps and other exercises like the one above, on the right. I really liked it!

After my workout I had a larabar(apple pie) in car and quickly drove home to take Miss Luna for a walk.

She really wanted to play … oh little chickenWinking smile


After a puppy walk in the glorious warm weather, I got ready to go to the hospital and meetings at school.

In my lunch pack today was a  lemon flavored Chobani yogurt, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and some leftover chili I had made the boys for dinner last night. A perfect lunch to keep me going all day!


My meetings kept me til  7:00pm, so by the time I finally got through the door(7:30pm) I was pretty hungry! Dave, thankfully, had cooked Indian curry with chicken, peas and carrots over basmati brown rice for dinner! It was so nice to come to dinner all cooked and ready to go! Smile 


Tomorrow morning it’s me vs. Harvard Stadium!

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