Wonderfully Busy Day

by Meg on March 1, 2011

Phew! It’s 9pm and I just sitting down to my computer for the first time ALL day!

I spent the morning training, taking Luna on a nice long walk in the sunshine, and then quickly picking up the house before my friend, Nyssa & Jamie came over for lunch. In my head, I had planned a wonderful lunch at the house, but alas there just wasn’t enough time.

My regular go to quick lunch place- Thai Hut wasn’t open so off to  Sugar & Spice we went.

Everything was so inexpensive and deliciously gluten free… we went a little overboard…

We started with fresh rolls with shrimp & tofu as well as the chicken noodle soup…



Jamie’s little man Joey loved the food… especially the veggies, rice noodles, and bean sprouts Smile


For our main meals we got red curry, steamed chicken veggies, and cashew nut tofu all with brown rice- so much food!!





I loved the small plates they gave us to share everything! It kept us all eating more reasonable portions!


But even with four people(including Joey) – it was WAY too much food!


For the afternoon- I was off again -to cook with some little ladies. On our menu: tomato sauce and turkey meatballs.

The ladies loved breaking the toast into breadcrumbs and mixing all the ingredients in!


We used a ‘roll & plop’ technique…  I think they turned out really well Smile



On the drive home, I thought about what the boys would want for dinner. Then Toby called and came up with  mac & cheese with buffalo chicken for dinner…easy enough.


I made a puree of peas/carrots/spinach as our side dish! It was delicious! Frozen veggies, a little olive oil, salt and pepper- dunzo!

The boys didn’t think I added enough Cabot  so they added more… it was too much in my opinion.


But it still tasted pretty good…   Smile


Don’t forget tomorrow is the last day for the Cabot Giveaway!!

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