What a face!

by Meg on April 13, 2011



Luna has finally settled down for the night. She’s been a little wild woman- running after tennis balls down the hall, and puppy slamming herself into the couches! You take a her walks down to 3 miles and she goes nuts!  I did get these cute pics of her though!  Our little monster… looks so innocent ….


But- back to my morning… I came home after teaching a KILLER spin class where I was sucking wind the WHOLE time and made another ‘*new* flatbread  crust. I think I like this one better- I’ll post the recipe after I have one more trial Winking smile 


It’s Wednesday so I was off to cook with the little ladies this afternoon. On today’s menu: chicken pot pie with biscuits(not gluten free!) It did turn out amazing though.


Because of the traffic and rain – I got home late. Thankfully, I had made a butternut squash & sausage bake this afternoon. It made the evening so much more relaxing…



We used our ‘extra’ time to get through our wedding list, caterer notes, and barn layout! I know you’re all jealous- ha!


MelissaNibbles April 14, 2011 at 4:47 am

Sounds like a productive day. The chicken pot pie looks fantastic.

Emily @ A Cambridge Story April 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

I think Luna and Sadie are twins. They look so much alike (and S is a wild woman too)! I’m really curious about these flatbreads with chickpea flour. Yum!

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