Saturday To Do List

by Meg on June 11, 2011

On my to do list today:

  • go to 9:30am Pure Barre  class
  • sell spin bike
  • stop by new house and pick up keys Smile
  • pack up  back room of DOOM
  • pick up grocery staples at Whole Foods

My morning started off with a quick 1/2 cup of coffee with soy milk( I’ve taken out agave completely!) and two pieces of brown rice and millet toast with peanut butter and blueberry jelly.

Then, I headed over to Pure Barre for a KILLER class. My legs were shaking the entire time- I think this morning was the hardest class I’ve been to yet! I also  think I’m getting a hang of the mat core exercises where you lean against a wall- woo hoo!


While there, Bonnie of BonnieVilles Power Cookie had samples of her new Power Cookies to try. They are gluten & dairy free- so I had to partake.  * sorry about the pictures they were taken on my iphone*

bonneville cookie 1

She makes her cookies right in Newton which I loved- go local food businesses go!

b cookie 2

I tried her cinnamon ginger Power cookie- it was chewy, had good ginger flavor and didn’t taste gluten free( which at this point in the game just annoys me when something does!).  She is selling her cookies in Whole Foods all over Massachusetts- go try one out & tell me what you think?

b cookie 3

After class, I stopped by the little ladies house and dropped off my spin bike! I was happy to see that it was going to a great new home!

spin bike

The rest of the day was spent- cleaning the back room of DOOM( our storage room!), picking up keys to our new house(woo hoo!), and shopping at Whole Foods.

The little ladies have a farm share this year and gave me some kale and arugula to bring home – I made some delicious kale chips to nibble on while cooking dinner. Note to self though- kale is VERY filling even as chips so be careful how much you nibble before a meal Winking smile 


I made oat & flax pizza for dinner- which I hadn’t done in awhile. On our delicious pizza this evening: kale and bacon.


It was a fantastic combination…


two great dinners in a row- I’m on a roll!



Denise Colombo June 12, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Hi Meg!
Just found your blog via PB (I may have been responsible for your body shaking on Saturday at 9:30am – HAHA) and looove it! I trying to get into more GF and can’t wait to try your recipes!

Meg June 12, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Thank you Denise-it was totally your class that got my legs vibrating!!
Happy reading!!

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