Sweet more Sweat

by Meg on August 1, 2011

For some reason I thought today was going to be cool- so I got myself all excited for a wonderfully cool day! Big bums- it was so hot today & didn’t rain!

I spent the morning training, then driving to Arlington to go to see baby Eliza and drop off boxes at RCN.

After walking the beast around the Charles(which is a beautiful place to walk a dog) -I came over and made lunch for my ‘ladies’ – Nyssa and Beccah!

* picture of the ladies who lunch *


I made black bean salad with corn, black beans, red pepper slices, avocado and lime!


It was pretty perfect- especially with sweet potato chips!


For dessert we had a new chocolate bar I had found at Trader Joe’s- dark chocolate with caramel and black sea salt!


It was pretty deliciously- especially cut into small pieces from the freezer!

The rest of the day was spent organizing, unpacking and cleaning up around the house!

As soon as Dave got home he started re-wiring the outlets as I got dinner ready- pulled pork sammies with salad greens!


The Udi’s whole grains roll really made the meal for me- I feel that they taste like what a grainy gluten filled roll use to taste like. Though, I haven’t had one in awhile- so I really wouldn’t know ;)

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