True Bistro

by Meg on September 29, 2011


After a busy day at the hospital that included a black out of half the East Campus- I met the ladies for dinner tonight at True Bistro- a vegan restaurant in Teele Square.

We sat down and our waiter came over with gazpacho and bread for the girls.


He handed me the gluten free menu Winking smile I do love when I get my own menu!


We couldn’t decide what to order so we ordered five different dishes.

We started with two salads…

the boston lettuce, roasted beet, chevre, toasted walnuts, and champagne vinaigrette – was  light and crisp!


While the wilted spinach, smoked tofu, pecans, cranberries, red onion,and  balsamic vinegar was so yummy! I didn’t know tofu could taste like bacon but it can!! P9297901

Then it was onto our main dishes.

The Hyderabadi stuffed eggplant with coconut basmati rice, apricot chutney, and kachumber salad was DELICIOUS! Well spiced and wonderfully tender.  The kachumber salad was slightly minty and tasted wonderful with the spice of the eggplant.


We also ordered the Vietnamese crepe stuffed with  honshimeiji mushrooms, fried tofu, and mung sprouts. It was light and fresh!


Our third dish was the green curry with fried tofu, mizuna & bok choy, maitake mushrooms, and a black rice cake on top. I love curry so you know I loved this dish!


If I had to pick my favorites I would say it would be the wilted spinach and the eggplant!


To top it off  we decided to go in on two dessert. We ordered the lemon crème pie made with an almond crust and  topped with raspberries AND the  ‘Death-by-chocolate’ cake,  with creme anglaise, and crunchy shattered caramel.


They were delicious, gluten free and vegan- I’m thinking they were made from tofu. What do you think?


After a wonderful catch up with the ladies I came home to find Dave making ‘night popcorn’ – so cute!


What a wonderful evening!

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