Citrate = Foe

by Meg on October 13, 2011


Oh this stuff is wicked- it’s awful tasting even when mixed with unsweetened cranberry juice and coconut water (my mocktail!). It took me  a good solid 20-30 minutes to get the first bottle down and then wasn’t even working! I will spare you all the dirty details…

I took my first dose of citrate when down at  7pm with Brita, Dave & Luna all rooting me on. While the second dose came 5 hours before my ‘oscopies’- at 1am The second time around was definitely worse than the first – ugh!



I got to the hospital by 7:30am and was all IV’d and ready to go by 8:15am. They took me and started with the endoscopy, which showed I had a partially inflamed esophagus and then went onto the colonoscopy. The nurses kept calling me ‘the double’- the only one of the morning. The colonoscopy showed signs of inflammation and ulcers which could mean that I either have Crohn’s or Celiac (since I have not yet been diagnosed through biopsy). While they were in there they took some biopsies which will be tested and I should hear back about in the next 7-10 days.

Nyssa sweetly came and picked me up and took home and tucked me all in upstairs. Then, Dave came home a little while later to check on me and walk Luna.

These flowers showed up in the afternoon from the B’s – thank you ladies and gent!


The rest of my day has been spent napping, and taking short walks. I’m ready to go back to normal and to not be a patient in the hospital tomorrow!

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Laura October 14, 2011 at 6:48 pm

So glad you have that over with! Sounds like it was rough. Very excited for you that you’ll finally (hopefully) get some answers. See you on Monday!

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