Dry Fry Tofu

by Meg on December 8, 2011


My wonderful cousin Hilde talked me through how to ‘dry fry’ tofu.  I thought I would try it out tonight!

Hilde’s Dry Fry Tofu

  • block of tofu
  • paper towel or dishtowel
  • nonstick fry pan
  • marinade

Take block of tofu out of container and using a paper towel squeeze out excess water. Slice the tofu into either thin triangles or squares. Heat the nonstick fry pan to medium-high heat and cook tofu until browned on each side (about 6-10 minutes).


Marinate the tofu for 10-30 minutes (longer will increase flavor in tofu). Stir fry tofu with marinade for 5-10 minutes on medium high heat. Enjoy!


This tofu rocked!!

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