Breakfast in the Neighborhood

by Meg on January 8, 2012


break 2

Saturday morning Dave and I decided to go out to breakfast- for an extra special treat! We had eaten at home everyday this week- woo hoo!

We are trying to save a little extra dough by eating at home and bringing leftovers for lunch! Smile I always plan our meals for the week on the weekends but sometimes we get caught up and end up grabbing something quick in the neighborhood… it can definitely add up!

Back to breakfast- we went to Uncommon Grounds in Watertown to check out their gluten free menu.. It’s pretty close to home which was an extra bonus!

I ordered their feta, spinach and tomato scramble that comes with potatoes and bread. They had run out of  Udi’s whole grain bread which I was disappointed about, so I ordered an Udi’s bagel.

It was a huge amount of food!

breakfast 1

I was disappointed with the bagel which came toasted but cold. I ended up taking out the middle of one half and eating that with my eggs.

As you can see, I barely made it through half of my breakfast. It was just too much food.

break done

After eating, I asked the waitress if they toast their gluten free products in a separate toaster-unfortunately they don’t! I should have asked beforehand!

Overall, this is a good gf breakfast joint that could be EVEN better if they got a separate toaster! Smile

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