Lemon & Eggplant Dinner

by Meg on March 15, 2012


It all started with an eggplant, lemons

and a recipe for risotto from Plenty. P3150744


Since the recipe didn’t make as much as I expected, and there was going to be 5 of us at the dinner table, I whipped up an arugula and avocado salad, and roasted asparagus with apple turkey sausage strips.


I loved the way this dish turned out- so caramelized and brilliant on a white platter.


I had a half glass of Malbec with dinner that hit the spot after a rockin’ day at the hospital! On 1 day of Clinical 3 left!


This dinner was a crowd pleaser- look at this kid gobble down her asparagus spears!


Evelyn & Dave had a ‘spear’ contest- note the black beast in the middle NOT on her dog bed! NAUGHTY!!!


This meal was definitely a winner with only a teeny tiny serving of greens left when it was all said and done!

For a week day treat I pulled out these: chocolate covered banana slices!


Darn these yummy morsels I definitely had more than one servings worth!

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