I’m Back

by Meg on November 20, 2013




I took a very long break from blogging, but it was all for a wonderful reason – this little owl! Winking smile 

Maddie has kept her mama very busy & Meg’s Food Reality has become Maddie’s Food Reality. As a dietitian it was my goal to feed her for a year. But due to reasons not controlled by me, my body was/is not able to make 100% of Maddie’s milk needs.

Herbal Supplements( I smell like maple syrup constantly from fenugreek), lactation cookies, medications, pumping- oh the list goes on and on….


Finally, I was diagnosed with low milk supply. I literally have tried every possible method to increase my supply and still I can only make about 50% of her needs. As this little girl’s nutritional needs are very important to me- feeding her has been a large part of my day either in feeding, pumping( between 7-10 times/day), and now making REAL foods for to try! She loves butternut squash, peas, green beans, carrots, and apples – yeah!

I can’t believe she is now 6 and half months old! Where did the time go?


Little bean is up from her nap now, so time to run! BUT I’ve got a couple of new recipes for you all – so get excited!

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