Maddie Foods

by Meg on January 30, 2014


We started foods with Maddie around 5 1/2 months. I was very excited to start this process with the little bean and found that she was not as excited as I was – ugh!

We started with sweet potato which she played around with and then spit out. Next was baby oatmeal (happy family) with breast milk and cinnamon. She took a couple bites played around with it in her mouth and then moved her head away. We did not force it, but decided to wait another couple days and try again. This was how it went for a couple weeks with mushed up apples, sweet potatoes (it takes 15 times for child to really not like something and thankfully after 6 tries she seemed to change her mind Winking smile), and oatmeal with cinnamon. After that we tried a new food about every 3 days, and haven’t stopped trialing yet!

When life gets crazy or we are  out for a meal I put on of these squeeze packets or jars in our bag. I always feed her with a spoon though as I have heard that letting a baby suck on these packages is not good for their growth and development.


I am now making vegetable/fruit combinations weekly including broccoli, butternut squash, and apple, and 


avocado, silken tofu, blackberry with whole milk yogurt – baby smoothies . P1017596

We are also now giving her finger foods at the beginning of each meal to help her learn how to feed herself. She loves these teething sticks (bread, applesauce, and cinnamon) –so simple and makes our girl very happy.

Note: so far Maddie doesn’t seem to be gluten free- Dave couldn’t be more excited!


Can’t wait to share more Maddie foods along the way …

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