I have always loved to cook. As a child I would help my mother and grandmother plan, prepare, and cook meals for our family and friends. We have always been a family that has tried our best to cook from scratch. Growing up, we had salads, soups, and chicken and fish for dinner. Lunches were never school bought but brought from home. At the time, I didn’t realize what a blessing my mother’s home cooking was. She instilled in me her love for food and cooking. Now, I want to instill the same love that she has taught me to all of you!

The Change to Gluten Free
In 2008, I got really sick and had numerous trips to the hospital. Each time, they said you have severe stomach pains – you’ll be fine. I was sent to four different doctors who couldn’t pin point what was wrong with me. Finally, a wonderful GI doctor(doctor #5) at the Newton Wellesley Hospital diagnosed me with gluten intolerance. It flipped my world upside down. I lived on whole wheat everything! But everything happens for reason….and this along with a job transition took me back to school for a master’s degree in Nutrition & Health Promotion & a DPD Certificate from Simmons College in 2008. Since then, I have been living life gluten free and was feeling better.

In the winter of 2011 I started to have more gi symptoms and went through the gammet of tests AGAIN: lactose intolerance test, bacterial overgrowth, blood tests(everything imaginable), colonoscopy and endoscopy.

Posts on the Tests:

Finally, in the fall of 2011, my new gi doctor diagnosed me with Crohns and possibly Celiac. To be truly diagnosed Celiac I would have to do a full 6-week gluten challenge, consuming atleast three portions of gluten/day. At this point, I nor my doctor need a Celiac diagnose to know that gluten causes my gi system harm. So for now, I am maintaining a gluten free lifestyle with some extra dietary changes due to Crohns.

In September of 2011, I also started my Dietetic Internship at BIDMC and in August 2012 I became a Registered Dietitian. I look forward every day to helping others acheive a healthy balance.

For as long as I can remember, my friends and family have asked me for recipes and helpful tips I live by on exercise, cooking and gluten free life. So, in 2009 I started this blog- first on blogger, and now on my own website! Thank you for visiting Meg’s Food Reality.

Happy reading & cooking!

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I am an registered dietitian, who has a MS in nutrition & health promotion. My opinions expressed are just my opinions. My views on food, cooking, nutrition and health are not meant to replace your own health professional’s advice at any time. They are, however, based on years of research and personal experience, as someone who has maintained a loss of over 60 lbs. for over 15 years, and is a certified personal trainer (NASM CPT & BS in Exercise Science from  Skidmore College), and RD. Every once and awhile I receive free samples  of gluten free products. I do not however accept payment to write about these products, and will give my true opinions on the products offered to me.

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