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by Meg on June 24, 2013


Though I haven’t been posting- lots has been happening at the ‘S’ household!  Maddie is almost 8 weeks old, Luna is surviving(still such a drama llama) and Dave and I are getting the hang of people parents to our little peanut.

As I write, Maddie is asleep in her borrowed swing Winking smile


Meg’s Food Reality has now become Maddie’s Food Reality as feeding her is my main job.  About three weeks after she was born I was told by the pediatrician and lactation consultant that I am one of those special people who can’t make enough milk to completely feed my little one. So, we have been supplementing her with formula which I’m not going to lie took some time to get use to. I have decided though to feed her what I can as the dietitian in me knows it is oh so good for her!  Now at about 7 weeks we finally have a schedule in place with her feeds, pumps, etc, and by schedule I mean feed on demand with organization of mama milk and formula Smile

But really you didn’t come to read about all of this you want to see the food!



One of the nights my mum and sister was here we got a unbelievably delicious piece of fish, and picked up and made some delicious salads: quinoa and bean, zucchini strands and feta, peppers & tomatoes, and cucumber salad.


Another night I quickly put together poached eggs on toast(gf of course) with feta, tomatoes and baby kale.


One night, an RD friend brought over ingredients to make enchilada casserole- it was soo good and made an amazing amount of leftovers!! It was great with kale and avocado salad.


Quick dinner choice number 362- Rudi’s gf spinach tortilla topped with white beans, kale and mozzarella.


Last week on Totesday(also known at any night that Brita comes over for dinner) we had top sirloin and chicken, tomato and mozz salad, pesto pasta, and greens- a perfect way to beat the heat!


Last night, I made a modified version of  turkey and black bean burgers with crushed corn tortillas, an egg, peach salsa, salt and pepper, black beans, cilantro and scallions. Dave says they tasted like nacho in burger form!


I can’t believe it’s been weeks and weeks since I posted. For awhile there, food was on the back burner but in the past two weeks or so I have picked up my cooking and adventures and I plan to share more from now on- promise!

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